Muranga: Egerton University students nursing minor i*****es after being involved in road accident

By , K24 Digital
On Sat, 29 Oct, 2022 19:53 | < 1 min read
Egerton University Bus involved in a road accident PHOTO/Wangari Njunguna

Several students from Egerton University have been admitted to Muriranjas hospital in Murang'a after being involved in a road accident on Saturday afternoon.

The students are said to have been on their way to Koimbi Children's Home for a charity activity when they were involved in the accident.

The accident occurred at a spot called Kaana Funny which the residents claim is a black spot, as many accidents have been occurring there.

The bus, which had 50 students on board, is said to have lost control as the driver tried to negotiate a sharp bend and veered off the road, hitting a house by the roadside.

The occupants of the house escaped unhurt though it was slightly damaged.

According to the witnesses, another vehicle had caused an accident in the same spot moments before the second one happened.

"This section of the road is very steep and has sharp bends, which makes it tricky for drivers, especially the ones who are not conversant with it," John Kimani, a resident, said.

"We would propose the road be redesigned and we have a safe one made for us to avert such incidents," he added.

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