Drunk bodaboda man takes advantage of car accident, steals phone from driver’s seat then rushes to police station to report the accident

By , K24 Digital
On Mon, 11 Oct, 2021 18:21 | 1 min read
Alexander Njenga Nduva in court. PHOTO/LILIAN SOI

A man who went to the police station while drunk claiming that he was involved in a road accident was shocked when he found a car driver whom he had stolen from at the station.

The bodaboda rider had gone to the police station for his own safety when he was tipped that the whole bodaboda crew was baying for his blood.

In the court documents, “Alexander Nduva Njenga  stole Samuel Kinama’s mobile phone make infinix note 7 worth Sh 23,000 on October 7, at Langata road  near Langata hospital Junction.”

On the same day, a devastated Kinama was involved in a road accident and was waiting for a traffic officer to arrive and help them sort the mess.

It was then that Njenga saw Kinama’s phone left at the driver’s seat. At fast speed, he picked it before taking off using his motorbike.

One of the riders however saw him taking off after picking something. And when the driver realized that his phone was missing, he ask around if anyone saw it and it was concluded that Njenga had escaped with it.

Njenga was then reported to the chairman of the bodaboda operators and they vowed to look for him because stealing was against their policy.

But when Njenga got wind that he was being sought, he rushed to the police station to cover up by reporting that he was the one who got into an accident at the stated spot. He seemed drunk. And just before anything, driver Kinama in the company of other riders arrived at the police station unexpectedly.

That was when he was reported and later taken to court for theft charge. He denied claims and was released by Kibera Principal Magistrate Sharon Maroro on ksh50,000 bail. The matter shall be mentioned on October 22.

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