Drama in Kiambaa after woman beats up secret admirer

By , K24 Digital
On Sat, 31 Jul, 2021 21:32 | < 1 min read
According to eye witnesses, the man is said to have abused the woman after she declined his advances.Photo/File.

Drama erupted at Raini Village, Kiambu County after a middle aged man was beaten up by a woman in a dramatic incident that attracted a huge crowd of people.

According to eye witnesses, the woman had gone to fetch water at a public tap at Raini when the man approached him with intentions of winning her heart but after the lady declined he abused her and that's when the woman attacked him."Tumeona huyo madam amekula sana na ako na nguvu, ata tumeona yeye ni kama mwanaume," a man from the crowd shouted.

Spectators and some security guards who were around the area had a heard time trying to stop the fight but the man later run away.

Speaking to K24 Digital, men broke their silence and confessed to being beaten by women because of alcohol use abuse, one John Kamau a boda boda rider said, ''we are beaten by women because of drinking too much, I would request my fellow men to stop taking too much alcohol because it's costing us too much," Joseph Njenga said adding that it's a high time men start eating well and stop taking too much alcohol.

Kiambaa is one of the leading areas in use of excessive illicit alcohol and drugs in Kiambu county especially for the youths.