Drama in Embu town after naked man allegedly stole a vehicle and sped off

By , K24 Digital
On Sat, 15 Jan, 2022 11:28 | 2 mins read

Activities in a section of Embu town were momentarily brought to a standstill after a naked man believed to have been drunk stole a vehicle and drove off.

The man is said to have stolen the car from another man at Kamuketha area in Embu town before he sped off.

However, it's not clear how the man managed to get the vehicle's keys before he sped off.

After he drove off, the owner alerted bodaboda riders and urged them to follow the car.

When the naked man realised that he was being followed, he drove to a supermarket's parking lot in Embu town and jumped out of the moving vehicle.

A security guard manning the parking lot noticed the unusual events and upon asking the man what was happening he turned on him with kicks and blows.

"The vehicle was driven fast into the parking lot but we did not know what was happening until we were informed that the car had been stolen," a man identified as Evans Mong'are who witnessed the unusual turn of events told K24 Digital.

It is then that the security guard raised alarm calling for help. Fortunately, the bodaboda riders had already arrived.

The riders tried to get hold of the nude man who had turned violent and unruly. He started throwing stones at the bodaboda riders in a bid to escape.

The riders did not surrender and managed to contain him before they handed him over to the police. However several vehicles had been damaged during the melee.

The man was booked at Embu Police Station with officers in the station promising to give more details about his case.

"I will confirm the details about the incident after receiving more information from officers whom I dispatched to the scene of the incident," Embu West Subcounty Police Commander Julius Kyumbule told K24 Digital.