Drama at LSK offices after police storm, disrupt Nelson Havi’s meeting

By , K24 Digital
On Mon, 2 Aug, 2021 13:35 | 2 mins read
Former LSK President Nelson Havi. PHOTO/COURTESY

President of the Law Society of Kenya (LSK) Nelson Havi has accused the National Police Service (NPS) of interfering with the management of LSK.

On Monday, August 2, Havi took to his twitter handle where he shared a video of himself confronting two armed police officers whom he claimed stormed the LSK headquarters in Nairobi and disrupted a meeting.

"What really, is the interest of the OCS Muthangari Police Station in the internal affairs of the Law Society of Kenya? These officers are permanently stationed at the LSK Headquarters on orders from 'above'," Havi said.

"Today, they locked up the Board Room and prevented the holding of a lawful meeting at the Headquarters of the Law Society of Kenya," Havi further claimed before telling the Inspector General of Police to concentrate on more 'important matters'.

"IG_NPS ,there are many more pressing matters of criminal nature where the National Police Service should focus on. Internal management of affairs of the Law Society of Kenya does not require police supervision. LSK is not a parastatal," Havi said.

The series of accusations by Havi against the police comes after he was whisked away from his office by detectives and taken to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) offices following an assault complaint filed against him by LSK CEO Mercy Wambua.

Wambua on Monday, July 12 filed a report at Muthangari Police Station accusing Havi of physically and verbally abusing her at their Gatanga road-based offices during a meeting.

She claimed the LSK boss pushed her out of the meeting in a scuffle that resulted in her injuring her arm and finger.

“It was embarrassing and I was assaulted. This is wrong. I have also filled the P3 form for further police action,” she said.

She recounted that upon learning that Havi and team had convened a council meeting at the society’s boardroom, she joined them but was only met by shouts that she was a stranger.

She said that the meeting was scheduled to be held both physically and virtually; claim which Havi disputed.

“He was there with legitimate council members allied to him as well as a team calling themselves caretaker members. Other legitimate council members joined online,” Wambua said.

Havi, on his part, denied the allegations saying he did not assault her.

He accused Wambua of trying to disrupt their meeting even after being told to leave since she is on compulsory leave.

“First of all don’t forget that Mercy Wambua was sent on compulsory leave on June 26. Since she was not to be part of our meeting, two council members told her to leave, but she insisted to stay in the meeting room,” Havi said.