Drama as tout caught having sex with older woman inside matatu at Eldoret stage

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On Sun, 10 Jul, 2022 12:50 | 2 mins read
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There was drama at Eldoret-Chepkoilel campus matatu stage in Eldoret town after a 23-year-old matatu tout was busted in a compromising position with a 26-year-old woman inside one of the empty matatus that were on the queue.

The randy tout, only identified as Collins, was saved from mob justice after his colleagues apologised on his behalf on grounds that he had no money to book lodging due to hard economic times.

The lady took advantage of the milling crowd and sneaked out of the matatu as enraged members of the public manhandled and besieged the matatu tout as they asked him to confess his sins.

“Wewe tubu dhambi zako au tukuchome na taya ya gari, (Confess your sins or we lynch you using a car tyre ), "one person shouted.

The shaken tout narrated that the woman whom he identified as Mercy had agreed to satisfy his urge at a fee.

“We agreed with the woman to get intimate inside the matatu after buying her a bottle of brew at one of the joints on the stage since the queue was moving at a slow pace due to lack of passengers," Collins stated.

Matatu tout to face disciplinary action

Dennis Kwemoi, who works together with Collins noted that he received an alert from other colleagues on his way to a nearby hotel.

“Our matatu Sacco has been forced to pay Ksh300 to the nearby car wash company to thoroughly clean the matatu which our colleague had turned into a lodging with his companion,” Kwemoi said.

He added that their colleague was advised to seek treatment following the wounds inflicted on him by the mob that was baying for his blood.

When reached for comment, Trans Valley Sacco manager, Kimeli, noted that they have launched investigations into the matter with a view to instituting disciplinary action against the tout if found culpable of the offence.

“I'm yet to be briefed by the stage manager over what transpired at the stage before we can take any action on the individual who has been implicated in the embarrassing incident,” Kimeli said.

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