Pastor Dorcas Rigathi speaks of increasing substance use in North Eastern

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On Mon, 27 May, 2024 16:38 | 3 mins read
Pastor Dorcas Rigathi during a prayer meeting at the National prayer altar in Karen. PHOTO/Pastor_Dorcas/X
Pastor Dorcas Rigathi during a prayer meeting at the National prayer altar in Karen. PHOTO/Pastor_Dorcas/X

Pastor Dorcas Rigathi has weighed in on the increasing drug abuse in the country stating that the matter is 'worse than you think.'

Dorcas was speaking during a parents' meeting at Thika High School when she noted that there was a group of drug traffickers intending to destroy the youth in the country.

"In the world we are living in today we have merchants of death and barons who are out there to destroy the youthful population in Africa and Kenya. Young men must be careful not to fall into the trap of the satanic agenda that will destroy them. It is worse than you think," Dorcas stated.

"Right now from the north are coming injectables that are being brought to our children to inject themselves and they cannot control their sexual urges and they are gang-raping the women in North Eastern. There is an outcry there."

Rigathi noted that North Eastern region has had a good culture for the most part but a group of traffickers are emerging to destroy the culture.

"A place where we have Muslim faith, people who have a good culture... but someone is planning and scheming to destroy the good culture and religion (of North Eastern region)," Rigathi added.

This comes in the wake of an intensified war on drugs especially at the coastal counties of Mombasa and Kilifi where the respective governors banned the trade, transportation and use of a popular stimulant, muguka.

In his war on drugs, Mombasa governor Abdulswamad Nassir banned the use and sale of muguka in the county. PHOTO/ (@A_S_Nassir) / X.

Mombasa Governor Abdulswamad Sharif Nassir banned the stimulant crop citing health concerns and increasing social problems associated with the consumption of the drug.

“From today, the last point of selling muguka will be at the borders of this County. All the vehicles transporting muguka will be turned away from today,” the governor stated on May 23, 2024, at Port Reitz sub-county hospital in Mombasa.

War on drugs

Nassir cited legal grounds for the ban, noting that two chemical compounds in muguka, cathine and cathinone, are potent and banned substances in the country. Interestingly, the ban is exclusive to muguka and does not extend to Khat, despite both being stimulants with similar effects.

The governor pointed out that in every 100 mental health patients in  Mombasa rehabilitation centres, 80 are muguka addicts, with 30 new patients daily attributed to the stimulant. Dr Janbibi Yusuf, a psychiatrist at Women Empowerment for Mental Health Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre in Miritini

This would swiftly be followed by a similar ban by Kilifi county governor Gideon Mungaro, over the same effects on the youthful population at the coast.

“In exercise of the powers conferred in Section 30(2)(1) of the County Government Act and all other enabling laws of Kenya, I, Gideon Maitha Mung'aro, Governor of Kilifi County, hereby order and direct as follows: That, there be a total prohibition on the entry, transportation, distribution, sale, and use of muguka and its products within Kilifi County. That all outlets, whether in the form of retail or wholesale, selling and/or distributing Muguka within Kilifi County be closed immediately and/or stop the sale of Muguka and its products," a statement from the county said.

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