Doctor receives death threats after offering to conduct DNA paternity tests at discount

By , K24 Digital
On Tue, 28 Sep, 2021 20:48 | 2 mins read

A Nigerian doctor, Dr Penking, who announced that a new DNA laboratoy will be opening in Lagos state, says he has received death threats since he made the announcement.

According to an earlier report by a Nigerian media outlet, the medical doctor revealed that the DNA laboratory will be offering 75 percent discount on DNA tests when it opens in October.

In his announcement that he posted on twitter, the doctor stated that various families will not be same again by December.

"A new DNA Laboratory is opening in Lekki on October 18, 2021 and will be offering a whooping 75% discount on DNA Paternity tests for one month as promo. I signed a publicity contract with the Managing Director today. Many families in Nigeria will not wear the same colour of by this December," he posted.

The owner of the laboratoty is a retired medical doctor, who has been practicing in Nothern Ireland, said he read about the high rate of paternity fraud in Nigeria and decided to open a laboratory to address the issue.

Hours after he made the tweet, Penking alleged he has received threats from people asking him to stop talking about the new DNA laboratory.

In a thread of tweets, the doctor said that he has received death threats from people opposed to the idea. He urged men to embrace the idea since it sought to free them from the burden of raising children they did not sire.

 ”Can you even believe that I’ve received life threats to stop talking about the new DNA Paternity test laboratory launching in Lekki at 75% discount? Paternity fraud in Nigeria is deeper than you can ever imagine. I myself knew it was bad but I didn’t know it was this bad? My God!

Even if this is the last tweet I will ever make about this, Dear Nigerian men, you owe yourselves the duty to find out whether that child under your care is really your blood. Even if you can’t afford for all, do it for your first child at least . You owe yourself this.

Don’t allow anybody to guilt-trip you that it’s lack of trust. It’s not lack of trust. It is called “being double sure”. Many men trusted their partners 100% but found out by accident when they were trying to process foreign citizenship for their children.

Please save yourself such embarrassment and unnecessary waste of funds. Confirm early. Every child should be taken care of by his father or if taken care of by another man, with his consent.

Judging from where we are in Nigeria, As a man living in Nigeria, I think it is safe to say that your first child is not yours until proven otherwise. You owe yourself and your lineage the proof," he tweeted.