DNA test proves Sharon, Melon are identical twins

By , K24 Digital
On Sat, 15 Jun, 2019 17:06 | < 1 min read
Kakamega lookalike girls, Sharon Mitekwa and Melon Lutenyo.

DNA test and analysis conducted by Lancet Kenya have confirmed the two Kakamega lookalike girls, Sharon Mitekwa and Melon Lutenyo, are identical twins.

The test, released on Saturday, shows Sharon and Melon share identical DNA profiles, with 23 allelic loci tested showing 100 per cent perfect match which is consistent with the two being biologically identical twins.

The test results revealed Rosemary Onyango, the woman who has been raising Melon in Kakamega, cannot be excluded as the biological mother of Sharon Mathias and Melon Lutenyo. They all have compatible obligatory maternal allelic profile with a 99.99% probability.

According to the report, Rosemary Onyango is excluded from being the biological mother of Mevis Mbaya, who has been living with Melon Lutenyo as fraternal twins.

“Mevis Imbaya exhibits a compatible obligatory maternal and paternal allelic profile with that of Angeline Omina and Wilson Lutah, respectively, Thus Angeline and Wilson cannot be respectively be excluded as the biological mother and father of Mevis Imbayawith a probability percentage of 99.99 per cent,” the report confirmed.

The families said that they were yet to make a decision on what to do next although.

The twins were separated at birth in 1999 at Kakamega County Referral Hospital.