DJ Evolve needs 3 surgeries to regain his voice – father now says

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On Tue, 27 Sep, 2022 13:08 | 3 mins read
DJ Evolve's voice finally restored after 8-hour surgery

Disc Jockey (DJ) Felix Orinda popularly known as DJ Evolve needs at least three surgeries to regain his voice, his family says.

His father John Orinda who spoke to a local publication intimated that the DJ, currently relying on the tracheostomy has a blockage that needs to be removed through three surgeries.

We asked the doctor who has been treating Evolve since the shooting how long Evolve has to stay with the tube and he said my son has a blockage that needs to be removed. It will need three surgeries and they are not very easy to do. This is when he will get his voice back,” he stated as quoted by the publication.

Only nurses hear Evolve

Evolve's father additionally revealed that he (Evolve) had had a difficult time articulating his words ever since the shooting incident.

He however expressed optimism that his son will fully recover following his positive progress.

“He cannot express himself very clearly. Sometimes when he speaks, it is very difficult to understand, but his nurses say they can immediately understand what he’s trying to say. The mucus plug makes things a bit difficult for Evolve,

“I have been having pressure about this matter for a very long time but I feel a bit calm now that there is light at the end of the tunnel that my son will become well. He is doing well, he has put on so much weight and I am happy about that,” he stated.

Earlier, Evolve's father revealed that his son was being coached on how to walk and sit again.

“He is doing well but is still living an assisted life. He is also starting to feel his legs but cannot walk yet. Right now, he is being taught how to sit but continues to be assisted in feeding. It is good that he can now eat solid foods,” he stated at the time.

A tracheostomy is a medical procedure that involves creating an opening in the neck to place a tube to help a patient breathe.

What happened to Evolve

On January 17, 2020, DJ Evolve was shot in the neck by Embakasi East Member of Parliament (MP) Babu Owino.

The shooting incident occurred at a night club in Kilimani, Nairobi county. Babu hit the headlines with quarters calling for his arrest.

The aggrieved family has umpteenth times jumped to his defence, saying that the politician acknowledged his mistake and has been supportive in the journey to Evolve's recovery.

"Babu Owino is a man and a half, to be honest with you. He has done everything that a good man can do to support his friend. He has fulfilled all the pledges that he made to our family," Evolve's uncle, Dominic Orinda stated.

Recently the case took an about turn after a prosecution witness who was to testify against Babu recanted his statement regarding the events that happened on the day Evolve was shot.

DJ Evolve on Babu Owino pre-bail report
DJ Evolve in hopsital. PHOTO/Courtesy

While appearing before Senior Principal Magistrate Bernard Ochoi, George Otieno who was a security officer at B Club at the time of the incident denied seeing Babu Owino with a gun.

This was contrary to his previous statement that the MP had his gun with him on the day evolve was shot.

Otieno claimed officers from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) forced him to write the statement.

"I did not see the firearm that day…the signature is mine but I did not write that statement,” he said.

“The statement was written by one of the officers from DCI Kilimani, they forced me to write it… I had requested one of the cops to give me some time at least one day to prepare myself, but they declined,” he added.

He also denied ever hearing the gunshot sound contrary to his statement which indicated that he heard the gunshot sounds and saw DJ Evolve fall down.

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