Did Sonko use vulgar language on his Facebook follower’s mother?

By K24Tv Team On Sat, 19 Oct, 2019 14:39 | 2 mins read
Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko seemingly used vulgar language to insult his Facebook follower on Friday. [PHOTO | FILE]
Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko. PHOTO | FILE

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko seemingly used vulgar language to insult his Facebook follower on Friday.

The governor had uploaded on his Facebook page a video of the gubernatorial debate that aired on KTN News in the run-up to the August 8, 2017 general election, and suggested that his competitors Miguna Miguna, Peter Kenneth, and Evans Kidero spoke crisp English, but couldn’t convince Nairobi residents to vote in their favour.

“Kizungu ilikuwa mingi mingiiiii! But kwa ground vitu zilikuwa different, na zitaendelea kuwa different [During the debate, they addressed Kenyans in correct English, but when it came to receiving support from Nairobi voters, they flopped spectacularly, and that is how things will continue to be in the near and far future],” said Sonko.

In the debate, Miguna Miguna accused Sonko of, among others, being a crook, a drug baron and incompetent, claims which the governor vehemently denied.

In the comments section on the governor’s Facebook timeline Friday, a user whose name is Georgio Di Martino echoed Miguna’s remarks.

“Miguna is very right, very right in deed. He talks everything that you are. [There is] no doubt about that. It is only that Kenyan voters love the theatrics and madness of their looter-leaders and oppressors…,” said Martino.

A seemingly angered Sonko hit back at the Facebook user, indirectly using profanities to attack Martino.

“Georgio Di Martino, niliiba kuuuum ya mmmmmmmkoo…,” said Sonko in a comment that annoyed a section of his followers.

Gladys Korir said: “Mike Sonko, please withdraw that statement. You are smarter than that.”

Murata Wa Mwathani said: “Mike Sonko, mamake amekujia wapi hapa? Respect is earned, not given. Lazima mtu atusiwe na mamake ndio matusi ikuwe na weight?”

Mwambogha Robert said: “Kiongozi, hapa umekosea… Withdraw this.”

But in a quick response, the governor said he hadn’t mentioned the word ‘mama’ (mother) anywhere in his comment.

“Jameni nimetaja mamake wapi? Nadhani haujui Kiswahili sanifu…,” said the county chief, who is not new to speaking indiscreetly in public.

As he reigns in the loose-talkers’ paradise, the question remains: who will tame Sonko’s tongue?

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