Diamond promises to settle down this year

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Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz. Photo/Instagram (@diamondplatnumz)

Diamond Platnumz is yet to settle down but unlike his Wasafi Records brother Don Fumbwe, the Bongo singer never seems to find the perfect partner to settle down with.

Diamond Platnumz showing off abs after intense workout. PHOTO/COURTESY
Diamond Platnumz showing off his abs after intense workout. PHOTO/Diamond Platnumz (@diamondplatnumz)/Instagraam.

For years, Diamond Platnumz has promised his fans a wedding and seeing that even his 'favourite' baby mama Zari Hassan could not get him to marry her - fans then lost hope.

However as the years have gone by, Diamond is slowly starting to realize why he may need the perfect lady to settle down with him now that he is not getting any younger.

Celebrating one of his good WCB brothers, Don Fumbwe who wedded the love of his life in a private ceremony, the WCB CEO promised fans to follow his brother's footsteps since he may be left out as the only single man in their group.

"Mwaka huu kama wasafi tumeamua wote tusiokua na ndoa kuoa. Mjiandae kwa michango, kuna wanaooa mmoja mmoja, kuna wa wawili waiwli na wa watatu. Ndugu yetu Don Dumbwe kafungua Dimba." (We as the remaining single men at WCB have decided we will marry this year, so be ready with your contributions for our upcoming weddings.)," Diamond Platnumz jokingly captioned his post.

Diamond Platnumz announces marriage while celebrating Don Fumbwe's wedding. PHOTO/Screenshot
Diamond Platnumz announces marriage while celebrating Don Fumbwe's wedding. PHOTO/Screenshot

Diamond single lifestyle

Diamond Platnumz new 'confession' comes at a time when he has promised a couple of socialites his hand in marriage but unfortunately never seems to fulfil his promises.

So far, the artiste has publicly promised the likes of Wema Sepetu, Zari Hassan, Hamisa Mobetto and Lyyn of having them as his wives and despite being a Muslim who can marry upto 4 wives - Diamond Platnumz still remains single.

However now that Zari Hassan also decided to marry her 30-year-old husband, Shakib - then it means Diamond Platnumz has no choice but to settle with his alleged Tanzanian girlfriend.

Diamond and Zuchu

The singer's post comes just after he showered Zuchu with love following her special gifts on Father's Day. From what he wrote is that Zuchu remains the most special lady in his life simply because she understands him in ways most of his exes never did.

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