Delete my name from ANC list – Raila Junior issues ultimatum to Registrar of Parties

By Bosco Marita On Wed, 23 Jun, 2021 18:37 | 2 mins read
Raila Junior wants his name removed from ANC party list. PHOTO: Courtesy

Raila Junior has written to the Office of Registrar of Political Parties (ORPP) Anne Nderitu demanding the removal of his name from the membership list of the ANC Party.

This is after he discovered that he was a member of the ANC party without his consent.

Through Rachier & Amollo Advocates LLP, the scion to the ODM leader Raila Odinga has instructed the ORPP to expunge his name from the ANC party list within 24 hours after receiving the demand letter.

“We thus have instructions to Demand that your office rectifies your records specifically by deleting our client’s details from the ANC Party membership list, and properly listing him as a member of the ODM party immediately and in any event within twenty-four hours from receipt of this letter, and thereafter confirm the rectification to us in writing,” the demand letter reads in part.

According to the demand letter, Raila Junior says he did not present himself or consent to his registration as an ANC party member.

He says he has been a life member of the ODM party adding that his registration as a member of the ANC party violates his political rights as enshrined in the Constitution.

“Our client protests the violation of his privacy and irregular and erroneous use of his personal data on your platform without his consent. Your erroneous registration data, therefore, violates his political rights under article 81 of the Constitution and the Political Parties Act,” he said in the demand letter.

Raila Junior further urged the ORPP to verify the lists of members of a political party before publicizing the same given that it is their duty under section 34 (d) of the Political Parties Act.

This comes even as many Kenyans have taken to social media to protest being listed as members of parties, yet they did not offer themselves for registration.

Registrar Nderitu who spoke to a local TV last week defended her office saying many Kenyans give their details to political parties unknowingly forgetting that same will be used for registration purposes as members.

She requested those who want their registration data corrected to right to her office for necessary action.

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