DCI arrests 3 police officers for ‘torturing’ woman on a motorcycle

By Elijah Cherutich On Thu, 11 Jun, 2020 11:42 | < 1 min read
Rift Valley Police Commander Marcus Ochola (in blue) and Rift Valley Regional Commissioner George Natembeya arrive at a Nakuru hospital to visit a victim of police brutality. PHOTO | ELIJAH CHERUTICH

Three police officers have been arrested in Kuresoi after a video emerged online in which a woman was tied to a motorcycle and brutally dragged on a dirt path in a police compound.

On Thursday, the Rift Valley Regional Commissioner George Natembeya, Regional Police Commander Marcus Ochola visited the brutalized woman, Mercy Cherono, at the Nakuru Level V Hospital where she is receiving treatment.

Speaking at the Nakuru hospital, the Rift Valley Regional Commissioner Natembeya said that the arrested officers will be arraigned in court later today, June 11.

Natembeya said the woman is nursing injuries that she actually sustained after she was attacked by a mob after being caught in a theft incident.

The regional administrator said that the woman did not sustain serious injuries during the motorcycle dragging incident.

He said the woman was hit with a metal nut on her leg when she was ambushed by the mob following the theft incident, an injury that is keeping her in the hospital.

Her other suspected accomplices have been arrested, Natembeya said.

Yesterday, the Rift Valley Police Commander Ochola condemned the incident as inhuman and unacceptable.

The video captured a woman tied to a motorcycle who was being dragged along a dirt path inside the police compound while screaming for help.

The woman is heard pleading with the policeman to stop and cover her body as her clothes had been pulled off by the rough path, exposing her to several onlookers.

In the video, one of the men cheering the OCS is seen whipping the woman on the back amidst her screams.

According to some of the witnesses, the woman was one of several suspects that were arrested as they tried to steal from a house belonging to the deputy OCS on June 6.

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