Daggers drawn as Chinedu fires back at Akinyi for dragging his name through the mud in YouTube show

By , K24 Digital
On Thu, 15 Oct, 2020 14:25 | < 1 min read
Businesswoman Joyce Akinyi. PHOTO | COURTESY
Businesswoman Joyce Akinyi. PHOTO | COURTESY

By Nyaboga Kiage,

Anthony Chinedu, the Nigerian businessman who was deported from Kenya in 2013 has opened up about his relationship with Joyce Akinyi, the controversial Kenyan businesswoman who was his one-time lover.

Chinedu accused Akinyi of orchestrating his deportation to Nigeria, grabbing his properties, claims that his former lover has vehemently denied.

His comments come just days after Akinyi was hosted on the Bonga na Jalas show where she spoke about her life with the Nigerian.

“I tried to take my kids but failed because I am a foreigner and she grabbed my properties and deported me because of the same reason (foreigner),” he said.

The embittered Nigerian businessman tried to cast aspersions on his former partner following their highly publicised separation.

Chinedu said that during his relationship with Ms Akinyi, he invested in real-estate within the vast Jacaranda Estate.

He claimed that when he met Akinyi she was penniless and lived in one-bedroom 'mabati' house in Eastleigh. However, Akinyi told Jalas that she first met Chinedu when she had established an international business of selling baby clothes.

When they finally parted ways with Akinyi., Chinedu said he had no option but to go back to his wife whom he said: “welcomed me back with an open heart and never judged him.”

Chinedu claimed that Akinyi outmaneuvered him when he travelled home for Christmas in 2007, taking advantage of his absence to move into his house where his two children with his new wife were born.

He said that he once gave Akinyi one of his houses in Lavington, Nairobi which she exchanged for a Range Rover car.