Court declines petition to bar Nairobi county assembly clerk from office

By , K24 Digital
On Wed, 6 Apr, 2022 00:21 | 2 mins read
Edward Gichana who is the Nairobi county government clerk. PHOTO/David Ndolo

The Employment and Labour Relations Court has declined a petition by a section of Nairobi county assembly staff barring clerk Edward Gichana from office.

Justice Nzioki Wa Makau directed that there will be an inter parties hearing on 20th April 2022 before any other judge of the Employment and Labour Relations Court.

“THIS MATTER coming up on 5th April 2022 for directions on the Notice of Motion dated 4th April 2022 before the Honourable Justice Nzioki wa Makau UPON CONSIDERING the Application, the affidavit in support and the annexures thereto; IT IS HEREBY ORDERED: 1. THAT the application be served upon the Respondents for inter partes hearing on 20th April 2022 before any other Judge at ELRC Nairobi,” Stated the Court order.

Some Members of staff allied to ousted clerk Jacob Ngwele today morning filed a petition asking for Gichana to be barred from accessing the office.

Gichana was reinstated as the Nairobi County Assembly Clerk by the Appellate Court on 1st of April which threw out Ngwele’s appeal on grounds that the appeal lacked merit.

In an Interview with K24 Digital, the clerk has said those who filed the petition are only afraid that he will revenge the bad deeds that they did to him and others who have been in support of Ngwele. He said he is past doing such an act as he is ready to work as required.

“These are people who had been used to the office and they know it cannot be back to them again. They think I am going to revenge because they tried frustrating me and some of the staff. The fact remains that because the other time they were doing it I never revenged so I can never do it,” Gichana stated.

Ngwele’s tenure was rocked with fists and fights and constant bickering between him and the Members of the County Assembly.