County askari, taxi driver injured as vehicle rolls in highway arrest

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On Mon, 26 Apr, 2021 10:46 | 2 mins read
Wasili cab rolled while county askari tried to effect arrest
Wasili cab rolled while county askari tried to effect arrest
Wasili cab rolled while county askari tried to effect arrest

A Nakuru County askari and a Wasili cab driver were injured after a cab they were in rolled over, near Section 58-Nakuru-Nyahururu interchange along Nakuru- Nairobi Highway.

Confirming the Sunday, 25, April incident, Nakuru East Deputy sub county Police Commander Phanton Analo said that the accident happened when enforcement officers attempted to arrest Gichuki for not paying parking fees.

The three officers entered his motor vehicle and ordered him to drive to Nakuru Town but he defied their order and sped off towards Nairobi,” said Analo.

He said that one of the officers struggled with the driver to arrest him and in the process the motor vehicle veered off the road, hit the rail guard and overturned.

Analo added that the driver sustained a cut on the right hand finger while a female officer sustained a cut and bruises on both hands.

Both were rushed to Nairobi women hospital, treated and discharged as police probe the incident, he said.

Richard Gichuki, the driver of the cab, accused the county officers of causing the accident over parking fees.

Gichuki said three officers who were not in uniform entered his cab at Section 58, and asked him if he had paid his parking fees.

He said that the officer held on to the steering while he attempted to fend of his arms as the car veered side by side.

After successfully succeeding to remove the officer’s hand, Gichuki claimed that the officer stepped on the accelerator pedal forcing the cab to speed.

He said that he attempted to remove the foot from the pedal to take over the control of the cab, but the officer stepped on his foot which was on the accelerator.

In the altercation the cab rolled over the road rails off the highway and onto a footpath adjacent to the highway, he said.

He accused the officer of attempting to kill or cause grievous harm over parking fees wondering how he was still alive after the incident.

He urged the officers to follow the law and lawfully deal with parking fee defaulters instead of harassing them.

Mathew Lesanjo, organising secretary Digital Transport wondered how the officers were allowed to operate on Sunday.

He wondered why the county askari were not in uniform and how they were operating outside town.

He noted that many cabs have been unable to pay the Sh1,000 seasonal parking fees due to the pandemic and the 8pm curfew.

Fred Nyakundi said that they took the driver and a female officer to a nearby hospital for treatment.

He sought justice for the injured driver and the cab owner.