39 countries Kenyans can visit without visa in 2022

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Controversy clouds Athletics Kenya's statement on 32 joyriders, Omanyala visa hitch.
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US visa hitch almost denied Ferdinand Omanyala a chance to compete in the World Athletics Championships in Eugene, Oregon, US, after failing to receive his visa on time.

Africa's fastest man was among a handful of Kenyan athletes experiencing visa delays ahead of the World Championships, which kicked off on Friday, July 15, 2022.

Omanyala and several team officials publicly complained over delayed visas to the United States. The sprinter was still waiting for his visa by early Thursday before he finally got it and traveled in the evening on the same day.

Kenyan athletes were not the only ones affected by the visa hitches. Many athletes from several countries faced difficulties getting to the US to participate in the event, which ends on July 24.

The Associated Press reported 375 cases affected by visa hitches, including athletes from Kenya, South Africa, Jamaica, and India.

The delay in the issuance of visas has been blamed on poor communication and huge post-COVID backlogs at US embassies, where athletes must schedule an appointment and interview to obtain a temporary visa.

Visa-free countries for Kenyans

Not all countries have stringent visa requirements like the US, some nations don't have any visa requirements allowing foreigners to visit with just a passport.

Among the countries Kenyans can get on a plane and fly to without requiring any visa include;

1. Antigua and Barbuda (Allowed stay 1 month).

2. Bahamas (Allowed stay 3 months).

3. Barbados (Allowed stay 6 months).

4. Benin (Allowed stay 90 days).

5. Botswana (Allowed stay 90 days).

6. Burundi (Allowed stay 3 months).

7. Cuba (Allowed stay 90 days).

8. Dominica (Allowed stay 21 days).

9. Eswatini (Allowed stay 30 days).

10. Ethiopia (Allowed stay 1 year).

11. Fiji (Allowed stay 4 months).

12. Gambia (Allowed stay 90 days).

13. Ghana (Allowed stay 90 days).

14. Grenada (Allowed stay 3 months).

15. Haiti (Allowed stay 3 months).

16. Hong Kong (Allowed stay 90 days).

17. Indonesia (Allowed stay 30 days).

18. Jamaica (Allowed stay 6 months).

19. Kiribati (Allowed stay 30 days).

20. Lesotho (Allowed stay 90 days).

21. Malawi (Allowed stay 90 days).

22. Malaysia (Allowed stay 30 days).

23. Mauritius (Allowed stay 90 days).

24. Micronesia (Allowed stay 30 days).

25. Namibia (Allowed stay 90 days).

26. Panama (Allowed stay180 days).

27. Palestine (Allowed stay 30 days).

28. Philippines (Allowed stay 30 days).

29. Rwanda (Allowed stay 6 months).

30. Saint Kitts and Nevis (Allowed to stay up to 3 months).

31. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (Allowed stay 1 month).

32. Senegal (Allowed stay 90 days).

33. Singapore (Allowed stay 30 days).

34. Tanzania (Allowed stay 90 days)..

35. Trinidad and Tobago (Allowed stay 90 days).

36. Uganda (Allowed to stay up to three months).

37. Vanuatu (Allowed stay 30 days).

38. Zambia (Allowed stay 90 days).

39. Zimbabwe (Allowed stay 3 months).

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