Nakuru clergy attributes increased crime to moral decay

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On Sun, 25 Dec, 2022 17:26 | 2 mins read
Nakuru clergy fears over moral decay
Family members carrying the remains of the late Duncan Maina to the graveside. PHOTO/KNA

Religious leaders have attributed the upsurge in cases of crime and insecurity witnessed in several parts of the country to the weakening moral fabric of the society.

The clergy led by ACK Vicar, Kamau Gachie observed that parents and society, in general, must live up to expectations to ensure that the upbringing of their children was within the values and virtues of good and right.

He regretted that failure to keep the young generation within the ambit of righteousness was a recipe for the chaotic society whose ills have become a thorn in the flesh.

The sentiments of the clergy come after a 33-year-old man, Duncan Maina was murdered last Sunday in the Ponda Mali area in Nakuru amid insecurity concerns in the County.

"Make parenting a collective responsibility failure to which we groom them to become an unproductive society who commit societal ills," Gachie noted.

According to him, many parents and guardians ignore the wayward behaviour of other children and keep them away not knowing that such actions mature into crimes such as murder, theft, robbery with violence, and defilement among other issues thus the need to impact discipline in the children.

"Do not destroy society by being selfish in the manner of parenting. Our children are being neglected as adults are out to accumulate earthly possessions, boldly failing to have time to express the future repercussions of indiscipline," Gachie observed.

He added, "Do not frustrate employees, embrace love, correct where need be, advise accordingly, engage children in constructive activities and this will go a long way in promoting sobriety in the community with regards to security concerns."

"Don't frustrate workers, raise kids in a good manner even for those others living in the society.  We have a responsibility to build a good society."

He further warned against rogue members of society who are propagating such indiscipline behaviour by selling illicit brew, and drugs to children and involving them as well in criminal activities saying that they are watering down the effort of the few who are out to better the society.

"Such individuals should not be tolerated but dealt with in accordance with the law for this will help in curbing insecurity concerns at an early stage, " said the vicar.

He also urged the security agents not to relent on this matter of addressing insecurity concerns saying that this effort should begin at an individual entity.

The deceased identified as Duncan Maina met his untimely death at the Ponda Mali estate on his way home from work where he was attacked and stabbed severally by unknown assailants.

Gachie was speaking to mourners during Maina's burial in Nakuru.

On his part, Reverend Naftali of the Independent church condemned this heinous act and called upon parents to sharpen their parenting skills in a bid to avert such incidents in future.

Maina who worked at Naivas supermarket stores was eulogised by his colleagues as a humble and hardworking man. They also promised to follow up on the matter with the DCI until justice is served to the family.

He is survived by a wife and two children.

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