Frustrated Homa Bay cleaners dump human waste at Governor Awiti’s office

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On Sat, 16 Jul, 2022 11:22 | < 1 min read
Cleaners dump waste at governor's offices.
Cleaners dump waste at governor's offices. PHOTO/Courtesy

Protesting County government cleaners in Homa Bay county left the town stinking after they dumped human waste in Governor Cyprian Awiti's offices.

According to a report, the cleaners who cited delayed payment sneaked into the governor's compound and dumped the waste a few metres from the gate before dumping the remaining waste near offices of the county department of water as they protested.

It is reported that the unhappy cleaners who noted that they had not been paid for 10 months woke up very early to pull the stunt so as not to be stopped.

The stunt left the town stinking for the better part of the day hampering movement along the route.

Police were called to stop the aggrieved cleaners who had held peaceful demonstrations outside the offices.

Police had to lob tear gas canisters to disperse the resistant cleaners who were already confronting officers.

The disgruntled workers decried that the financial weight was overburdening them since their last pay.

One Thomas Auko noted that the government applied force on them when they demanded their salaries.

"If this is what can force the county government to understand and pay our dues, so be it. The police will not scare us because we have a right to our pay,"Auko said.

"We demand an explanation because time is running out and the national government should look at perennial salary delays in the county," he added.

When reached out for a statement, Environment Chief Officer Moses Buriri noted that the cleaners had been paid for two months.

"The contracts were extended by three months. We have paid them for two months. I don't know anything about the remaining seven months,"Buriri said.

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