Cleaner charged in court for hitting painter’s eye with broomstick in Kilimani

By , K24 Digital
On Tue, 2 Nov, 2021 13:58 | 2 mins read
Kibera Law Courts PHOTO/COURTESY

A cleaner who had been hired to clean newly constructed houses has been arraigned at Kibera law courts following accusations that he caused damage to the eye of a painter after they got into a disagreement on whether to throw away the painting tools or not.

In the court document, it was stated that “Agnes Akelo grievously injured Donald Mashedi Obwoga at their place of work at Grand premier area in Kilimani area on August 19, 2021.

The duo is said to have been hired to work at the same site but in different rooms. The accused person was tasked with cleaning, while the complainant task was to paint the room.

On the fateful day, the two reported to work as usual. The accused while cleaning got into one of the rooms where the complainant had kept his tools and thought the tools were composted and needed to be disposed of.

She then quickly collected and stashed them inside a sack in readiness to throw them outside, but the complainant who saw her moving his tools from the adjacent room requested her not to throw them as they were his tools for painting.

The accused person could hear none of it as she was determined to throw his tools away, something that angered the complainant. An argument then ensued, and the accused grabbed her scrubbing broom and hit the complainant’s head.

Unfortunately, the broomstick landed on the complainant’s left eye, and he passed out, forcing the accused to scream for help.

Other casual workers rushed to the room and found the complainant unconscious. They asked the accused what had transpired until he passed out, and she confessed that she got into an argument with him, and she struck him with a broom.

Once the foreman was informed, he immediately made arrangements for the complainant to be rushed to Coptic hospital before being transferred to Kenyatta hospital for specialized treatment.

The accused was arrested and taken to court where she denied the accusation, prompting her release on a cash bail of Ksh, 200,000 pending mention on November 18, 2021.