Class eight boy kills expectant mother, her two children

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On Tue, 5 Jul, 2022 12:09 | 2 mins read
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Crime scene 'Do not cross' barricade tape. PHOTO/Internet.

Shock has gripped Poroko village in Trans Mara West sub-county after a class eight boy brutally murdered an expectant woman and her two children.

According to the police, the 17-year-old suspect killed the woman by stabbing her in the head, chest and other body parts.

He then proceeded to kill her two children by twisting their necks before dumping their bodies in a maize plantation far from their home.

Relatives and neighbours of the suspect noted that a disagreement may have ensued between the suspect and the slain woman before escalating into an attack.

Police say the boy was serving probationary sentence

Police affirmed that the teenager was serving a probationary sentence for stealing a radio, cups and plates from the woman said to be his aunt.

Since jailing her nephew would jeopardize her relationship with close relatives, the slain woman pleaded with the police not to jail the suspect.

"I understand the boy is from just next door. I am told that he was suspected of stealing from the deceased at some point. He was arrested, charged and convicted but received a non-custodial sentence,

"It is shocking that this homestead will have to bury four people because the hospital has confirmed they will remove the unborn infant and have it buried separately. This is a criminal act and we cannot describe it in any other words," Dominic Olonana, an area resident, stated.

Neighbours and close relatives of the boy ask police to restore safety

Neighbours and relatives who noted that the boy was a notorious criminal also told the police that a spate of criminal incidents had recently hit the area.

They have now urged the police to intensify their search for criminals to restore safety and sanity in the village.

"Police should intensify patrols and flush out these criminals to make the area safe," Samson Leteipa, a close relative of the suspect, lamented.

"People cannot be under siege from these criminals to the extent that peace-loving citizens are afraid to step out of their houses at night. Do they want the villagers to relocate to the town where there are police officers"