Cry as church elder impregnates mentally ill minor in Gatundu

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On Mon, 13 Jun, 2022 15:57 | 2 mins read
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A family from Ikuma village in Gatundu South now wants a church elder jailed for life after he allegedly impregnated their mentally incapacitated daughter. 

The 14-year-old girl, who was in Class Seven special, could be forced to drop out of school to take care of her three-month-old pregnancy.

According to her family members, the mentally unwell girl was impregnated by a local church elder who also happens to be a leader of the Kikuyu Council of Elders in the village.

The man, identified as Elikanah Waweru is reported to have requested the minor’s impoverished family to adopt and educate the girl as he has the financial capacity and willingness to help uplift their standards of living.

With gratitude, the family which hardly affords three meals in a day granted their daughter to the married man hoping she will be in safe and better hands.

Unknown to them, the alleged criminal turned her to be his second wife and has often slept with her.

"My daughter is suffering from a mental challenge. The man requested to have my daughter to accord her a better life as I have been struggling and I have another son in school. It's sad that instead of giving her a better life as he had promised, he has ended up impregnating her," the girl's mother regretted.

According to the minor, the old man has been hoodwinking her with sweets, sodas and cakes before sleeping with her at his shop and while at home.

The victim who aspires to be a doctor, her mental situation notwithstanding revealed that the man has allegedly been giving him family planning tablets to facilitate more sexual intercourses without necessarily resulting in a pregnancy.

After failed attempts by the girl to take the family planning tablets as prescribed, the girl conceived.

The doctor's report indicates that she has a history of rape by a person known to her which occasioned her impregnation.

The reports further indicate that while the man has been sleeping with her, she bears zero sexually transmitted diseases.

Police in Gatundu who spoke on phone indicated that they had arrested the suspect and he is being held for interrogation before he is arraigned in court to answer to various charges including impregnating a minor.

The pitiable family appealed to the government to intervene and have the man jailed for life for destroying their daughter’s future.

"We want this man arrested and to never be released. He has destroyed my sister's life and it's really painful," a brother of the victim said.