Drama as residents of Chuka–Igambang’ombe destroy election materials

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On Mon, 8 Aug, 2022 15:26 | 2 mins read
Drama as residents of Chuka–Igambang'ombe destroy election materials
Residents of Chuka–Igambang'ombe destroyed election materials. PHOTO/Blaise Gitonga.

Drama unfolded at Kaanwa in Chuka–Igambang'ombe constituency after a vehicle ferrying election materials was attacked by members of the public.

The pick-up vehicle registration number KZP 535 was carrying non-strategic election materials including booths, sealing tapes, stamps among other election materials to Tharaka Constituency from Chuka Boys High School when it got attacked at Kaanwa.

Police officers who responded to the attack led by the County Police Commander Donatha Kiplagat took the vehicle to the Kaanwa police post where IEBC officials arrived, checked and confirmed they were election materials.

"We have talked to the County Elections Manager Mohammed Raja who has confirmed that the election materials were being transported. We will continue with our investigations to ascertain the incident. We ask them to be calm as IEBC tries to deliver voting materials across the county," she said.

Chuka–Igambang'ombe residents allege foul play

According to members of the public, the vehicle had no security escort when it was attacked and had previously been used by Muthomi Njuki, the incumbent governor and UDA candidate, during his campaigns promoting the attack.

Mariani MCA Kinyua Mbogori, who is seeking to retain his seat on a Jubilee ticket, together with other Jubilee Party candidates and officials hit out at security and election officials, citing mixed-up reports and explanations about the whereabouts of the election materials.

Mbogori found fault with IEBC officials, who confirmed the vehicle was headed to Tharaka Constituency with security officials giving contradictory information that it was ferrying materials to Kaanwa.

"Why would an IEBC vehicle travel without escort, which arrived at the scene hours after the vehicle was impounded? IEBC must exercise transparency because their explanation does not hold any truth", he said.

County Deputy Returning Officer Racton Mugambi stated that the non-strategic materials were headed to Tharaka Constituency, with three vehicles tendered for transporting the materials across the three constituencies from Chuka.

Mugambi noted that officers accompanying the pick-up were delayed as they fueled and due to a KIEMS kit issuance delay that prompted them to order the pick-up to leave before them.

"Today we embarked on transporting deficit materials to Constituency Tallying Centres across the county to ensure every polling station has essential materials ahead of the elections tomorrow. The 'pick-up' vehicle had to leave before us since there was a slight delay in issuance of KIEMS kit and we needed to refuel," he stated.

According to members of the public, the same vehicle has been spotted delivering election materials without any security escort adding that Identity Cards were being bought at Kshs 1000 across the county by a gubernatorial candidate.

The vehicle has been taken to Chuka Police Station.

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