Christine Ambani: Parents of killer son accuse police of laxity, want him arrested

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On Thu, 29 Jul, 2021 11:24 | 2 mins read

The parents of a Mount Kenya University student who is accused of murdering Christine Ambani now blame the police for the death of the Kiriri Women’s University student.

Innocent Makhokha, according to his parents, should be in jail for yet another murder incident where he is accused of killing his brother, his sister in law and a toddler by setting their house on fire.

Speaking to the media, Apolo Kalio said that he was the key witness in the murder of the three and he has always known that his son was in jail.

“I learnt that the boy was free on Television after the death of the other girl in Githurai 45. How was he released without my knowledge?” posed Kalio.

According to him, his son was always indisciplined even in school and always ran in trouble with teachers. It is to that effect that he was transferred to various schools on several occasions.

Asked why his son killed the family of his brother, Kalio said that he was demanding some money and when he was told to be patient he turned wild.

Makhokha after setting the house of his brother on fire and ending their lives was set free after the office of the Director of Public Prosecution advised that an inquest is conducted on the matter.

However, after being set free, Makhokha again attacked his parents and destroyed things as the burial of his brother was going on.

His father said that he was shocked to learn that the son was free after he was nabbed by detectives attached to the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) on Tuesday, July 27.

Ambani according to details issued by the DCI was killed in cold blood after she was stabbed inside a hotel room in Githurai 45.

Immediately after committing the murder, Makhokha went into hiding and was only active on Facebook where he was mourning the death of Ambani.

Ambani’s friends told the police that the lady who was always jovial had informed them that she was going to meet her boyfriend but her phone went off at 8 pm.

They then launched a search for her hoping to get her alive.

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