China reacts after a video of Kenyan waiter being caned goes viral

By K24Tv Team On Sun, 9 Feb, 2020 12:14 | 2 mins read
K24 Digital has obtained a disturbing video clip showing a Chinese restaurant officer whipping a Kenyan waiter for arriving late to work. [PHOTO | K24 DIGITAL]
K24 Digital published the disturbing video clip that showed a Chinese restaurant officer whipping a Kenyan waiter for arriving late to work. PHOTO | K24 DIGITAL

The Chinese Embassy in Kenya has responded after one of its nationals was filmed caning a Kenyan waiter for allegedly reporting to work late.

The incident, which happened early last week at Chez Wou, was captured on phone by an insider, who had had enough of the brutality meted out on workers by the “untouchable” boss.

In their reaction, the Chinese Embassy said they do not tolerate lawlessness among its nationals and the culprit should be investigated and dealt with.

“The Embassy noticed a video clip about a Chinese chef and Kenyan colleague issued by K24 TV today. We support the Kenyan police to investigate the whole issue thoroughly according to Kenyan laws. Whoever violating the law will face legal consequences,” said the Embassy in a tweet.

The video clip shows the man, who — K24 Digital understands — is the head chef at the hotel located in the posh Kileleshwa neighbourhood, using a whip to punish a young waiter who is alleged to have arrived to work late.

In scenes that show complete domination by the Chinese chef, the waiter is heard pleading with the head chef to lash him in quick succession so that it lessens his pain.

The aggressor is heard asking the waiter to reveal which part of his body he preferred whipped.

And, after much preparation and pooling energy from within, the cold Chinese hotel officer lands a heavy lash on the rib area of the waiter, who writhed in pain. That was one of the two strokes he was to receive that day.

And after twisting and turning as he held the lashed body part, the subdued waiter lay on the ground to receive the final stroke that was landed on his buttocks, this time around.

The steward, thereafter, ran towards the hotel premises and joined his colleagues.

“He walks around carrying the whip. He uses it solely in disciplining us. When he goes home, he locks it in the store,” a worker told K24 Digital in confidence.

Simon Oseko, a now former worker at Chez Wou restaurant — who was the victim of the assault incident caught on tape — told us that he endured the beastly treatment for six months, and his time at the eatery came to a premature end recently when he was sacked.

The lead chef sent fear waves among the junior workers to the extent that the staffers feared speaking publicly about their ordeals lest they lose their jobs.

After obtaining the video, K24 Digital sought the chief chef’s response over his alleged involvement in the violation of the workers’ rights.

In a rather shocking statement, he said Oseko had asked to be beaten up so that he could earn Ksh200 from him. According to the chef, each stroke earned the waiter Ksh100. And, because the steward was whipped twice, he gave him Ksh200.

In a recorded audio clip, however, the Chinese suspect told one of our reporters to abandon plans of airing the story, and, in return, he would give the newsman Ksh20, 000. The journalist declined to take his bribe.

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