Children of slain Mombasa-based Dutch tycoon say their mother opened bedroom door to three strange men on night he was killed

By , K24 Digital
On Mon, 21 Jun, 2021 17:43 | 2 mins read
Wife to Dutch Tycoon who was murdered opened door for three strangers on the day he was killed. PHOTO: Courtesy.

The murder case of Dutch tycoon Herman Rowen has taken a new twist after his children told detectives that their mother opened the door to three strange men on the day their father was killed.

These revelations emerged after homicide detectives recorded statements from two of his children aged, 14 and 12 years.

According to the minors’ statements, their slain father had informed the duo that he had initiated the divorce process, though their mother was against it.

The Dutch tycoon had sought for divorce from his wife Riziki Cherono Ali four months prior to his death.

“My parents were often fighting, and my dad had decided to end the 13-year-old marriage, he told us that he would no longer be living with my mother, but he would continue to take care of us,” reads part of one of the minor’s statement.

The minors further revealed that, on the alleged day, when their father was allegedly murdered, their mother led 3 strange men into their bedroom before a commotion ensued inside their parents’ bedroom.

“Our father kept on screaming for help, as we prepared to go to their bedroom, we realized that our bedroom door had been locked from outside and we could not leave the room,” said the minor.

The minors further informed police that later on their mother alongside, the 3 men walked out of the house and drove out of the apartments.

 Rouwen was found strangled to death 3 weeks ago, at his Bamburi house and was pronounced dead upon arrival at the Coast General Hospital.

Coast regional police commander, Paul Ndambuki said the two minors had confessed to detectives on what transpired on the fateful night and that detectives were closing in on the main suspect in the heinous crime.

“Investigations are at an advanced stage; we are having a breakthrough in the case and soon those involved will be brought to book” he said.