5 ways to book cheap f****ts from Nairobi to Kisumu

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On Wed, 6 Jul, 2022 11:07 | 2 mins read
5 important factors to consider when looking to book cheap flights from Nairobi to Kisumu
Kisumu International Airport. PHOTO/Courtesy.

Flying still remains the most expensive mode of transport not only in Kenya but across the world. However, some travellers exploit a few available cheap flights to fly to their destinations fast and safe.

Aviation accidents and incidents are so rare that commercial airline travel is statistically the safest mode of transportation overall.

The fact that air travel is the safest and fastest way to move from one place to another make flying the most expensive mode of transportation.

However, there are flights that are cheap which smart travellers exploit to save on travel costs while at the same time move from point A to B fast and safe.

Nairobi-Kisumu is one of the busiest flight routes in Kenya. The cost of a domestic flight on this route slightly dropped on increased competition among carriers.

Nearly all major domestic carriers fly the Nairobi-Kisumu route. This is particularly a plus for travellers on the route because they get to choose to fly an airline that offers the most cost-friendly tickets to their destination.

Cheap flights

So what factors should you consider when you are seeking to book a cheap flight from Nairobi to Kisumu?

1. Book your flight about a week in advance - most airlines offer cheap tickets to travellers who do early bookings. If you book a flight on the same day you are travelling you will definitely pay more.

2. Know the right time to travel - travelling from Nairobi to Kisumu on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday is usually expensive because most travellers are heading to their rural homes so there is demand for tickets causing the price to hike. If you travelling back to Nairobi from Kisumu on a Sunday evening and on a Monday morning you will pay more.

3. Know the airline to use – avoid international carriers operating on local routes because they are traditionally expensive. A one-way ticket to Kisumu flying the national carrier for instance can cost as much as Ksh10,000 while domestic carriers charge an average of Ksh5,000 to Ksh6,000.

4. Choose the right travel luggage -Size is an important factor when choosing luggage. Avoid travelling with large luggage because airlines charge you more for every extra kilo of luggage you bring on board. A person travelling without extra luggage pays less compared to another passenger using the same flight but with extra luggage.

5. Be on the lookout for offers – airlines usually offer travellers amazing discounts on tickets, especially on special occasions like Valentine’s. Day etc. Some airlines at times charge a meagre Ksh3000 for a one-trip to Kisumu and sometimes even as low as Ksh2,500 while running such promotions.

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