Busia: Headteacher locks teachers out of school for reporting late

By , K24 Digital
On Tue, 27 Jul, 2021 12:42 | 2 mins read
Headteacher locks out late teachers. PHOTO: Courtesy

Drama ensued at a Primary School in Budalangi, Busia County after the school headteacher reportedly locked teachers out of school for being late.

According to sources, the headteacher of Sichekhe Primary School, George Bwire ordered guards manning the school gate to lock teachers outside the school on the reopening day if they report late to the school.

Speaking to the press, the headteacher defended his actions accusing the teachers of being indisciplined and failing to set a good example for the learners.

"If a teacher can come at 8:20 am and that's the time the lesson starts how is he going to prepare himself or herself to start teaching?" He asked.

Teachers at the school decried humiliation from the headteacher stating that learners are making fun of them following his actions.

"We are demoralized because when you get inside the class, learners start laughing. They make fun of us saying teachers too are subjected to punishment. They think the headteacher wants to cane us," said one of the teachers.

Another teacher said she was sent away by the watchman who instructed her to go back home and return the following day for disciplinary actions forcing her to get inside the school through the fence.

"Kufika hapo tunauliza watchman kuna nini? 'Headi amesema tufungie walimu', kwa nini? 'Ati mmechelewa', sasa tufanye aje? 'Muende nyumbani mtarudi kesho'. Niliingilia kwa fence, nilipitia kwa wire nikaingia, madam akakuja nikamshikia wire pia yeye akaingia. Sasa tufanya aje? Nirudi Kakamega?

(We got to the gate and we asked the watchman what was the problem to which he told us the headteacher had instructed them to lock out the teachers and send them back home. I was forced to get inside the school through the fence, together with other teachers. What would we do?" Said another teacher at the school.

The teachers have taken their grievances with the headteacher but he insists keeping time is a must.