Bukusu elders want Masten Wanjala’s body buried near any river to wash away memories

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On Tue, 26 Oct, 2021 10:03 | 2 mins read
Suspected serial killer Masten Wanjala. PHOTO/COURTESY

Elders from the Bukusu community now want the body of Masten Wanjala a children serial killer to be buried by the banks of any river in order for the family to be safe.

The elders said that the only way the family will prevent curses from going after them is by ensuring that he is equally buried away from home.

Isaac Misiko, an elder who addressed the media, said that the body of the suspect should be buried outside the homestead as per the Bukusu customs.

“The only option for the family is burying the body of Wanjala away from the homestead and along a river bank,” Misiko said, adding that he should be put in his grave late at night.

Before he is buried, rituals should be performed so as evil spirits that might haunt the family in future are done away with.

According to Misiko, burying someone near the river means that the family will forget about what he did in the past, as the memories will be driven down the stream.

However, before his body is picked from the morgue, one is expected to go and engage him in talks at his native home.

“What follows after they have heard a conversation is that he will then be spilled with some concoction which shall not only cleanse him but the whole family as well,” the elder revealed.

Misiko also said that the person who will have had word with him will be gifted a bull and while leaving the compound he is not expected to look behind until he arrives home.

The self-confessed serial killer, who said that he had ended the lives of more than ten children, was lynched in the evening of Thursday, October 14 by locals at his village.

This comes just three days after Wanjala’s family disowned him, saying that they will not lay him to rest and instead told the government to bury him.

“As a family we are not ready in any way to bury him since we might get curses and that will not be good for the family,” Robert Watila, father to Wanjala said.

His sentiments were made after the whole family skipped his post-mortem that was conducted at the Bungoma County Referral Hospital mortuary.

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