British officer admits murdering Kenyan commercial sex worker in Nanyuki

By , K24 Digital
On Sun, 24 Oct, 2021 13:13 | 2 mins read
The late Agnes Wanjiru
The late Agnes Wanjiru PHOTO/Courtesy

A British soldier who in 2012 allegedly killed a commercial sex worker in Nanyuki identified as Agnes Wanjiru, 21, has admitted to committing the offence.

The officer who committed the crime, was heard bragging about how he ended the life of the lady and dumped her lifeless body inside a septic tank at the hotel.

One of the soldiers who is privy to the matter, but spoke in confidence to the media, said that he also saw the body inside the tank.

“She was in the tank, and I saw her myself,” a soldier from the Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment said, adding that it is the suspect who took him to the tank and lifted it up.

“I looked inside the tank and I just remember seeing her in there, my heart sank. My mind just went blank,” the soldier said.

Wanjiru’s body was found inside the septic tank by a worker at the hotel, two months after she was reported missing.

It is believed that after enjoying bottles of beer at the same hotel her body was found, Wanjiru and the British soldier in question walked side by side and that was the last time she was seen alive.

Last month, her family came out and said that efforts to get justice and have the soldier questioned for his mistake have remained unfruitful for nine years now.

The family said that it hopes that one day the matter will be settled and the culprit arrested for stabbing their kin before dumping her body inside a septic tank.

Through the deceased sister, Rose Wanyua, the family said that the matter might have been swept under the carpet by Kenyan security agencies with an aim of maintaining diplomatic ties with the United Kingdom (UK).

“Her case has been completely overlooked. From the first day we reported the case at the police station they never did anything until when the body was retrieved from the septic tank,” Wanyua told International Media.