Bring it on! W***y Paul dares Dj Mo after telling him ‘nitakufinya’

By , K24 Digital
On Sat, 3 Jul, 2021 07:33 | 2 mins read
Willy Paul and Dj Mo engage in an online war. PHOTO: Courtesy.

Popular singer Wilson Abubakar Radido popularly known as Willy Paul has fired back at renowned deejay Samuel Muraya alias Dj Mo after he told him “ntakufinya” when he attacked his beloved wife Size 8.

In a message he shared on his Instagram page, Willy Paul dared Dj Mo to make good his threat saying he is ready to face him.

“I stopped going to the gym coz nilijua kuna washamba nitaua tu. And coz sikutaka kwenda jela ama kuwa kwa ngori nikawacha gym (I stopped going to the gym because I knew there are primitive people I will Kill. And also because I don't want to go to prison or be in trouble),” he wrote on his Instagram page.

According to the I do hitmaker, he won’t be scared by Dj Mo’s threats since he has the courage to take on him if need be.

“But naskia kuna kimtu flani kimesema KITANIFINYA na kika sema kimenipea last warning!! Please let the person know that mimi nimekunywa damu ya paka na mmbwa pamoja na nika kula roho ya Simba( I have heard there is someone who has said he will beat me up adding that he has given me the last warning! I want to let that person know that I have drunk cat's, dog's blood and eaten lion's heart)!” he added.

Their online war began after Willy Paul questioned Linet Masiro Munyali commonly known as Size 8, who is Dj Mo’s wife, on why she blocked him on social media four years ago. The Kamatah hitmaker also wondered why Size 8 refused to pick his calls since then.

Willy Paul went ahead to poke holes in the gospel singer’s religious beliefs and reminded her that no one is always right.

“Size 8, you blocked me on Instagram just like that. Four years now. Is that what God’s people do? Surely ni gospel gani hii? Ata simu zangu haushiki. Thought tulikua brother and sister. Anyways thanks a lot woman of God. Remember no one is perfect,” Willy Paul wrote on Instagram.

The statement evidently didn’t go well with Dj Mo who immediately jumped in and replied; “Ntakufinya”.

The singer then clapped back at the deejay.

“Sasa huyu mtu tunaulizana nini? Kama mbaya mbaya, ukweli usemwe tu. Mambo yangu na Size 8 wachana nayo. Wewe ambia serekali ikupatie kazi! (What is the issue between me and this man? No matter the consequence, let the truth be told. Keep off my issues with Size 8. Tell the government to give you a job),” Willy Paul wrote.

It is not clear yet what the bone of contention is between Size 8 and Willy Paul since the two appear to be having a frosty relationship.

This happens despite the two having worked together in various music collabos.