Boy’s disturbing confession to mum on what maid asked him to perform on her

By Miriam Nyamari On Wed, 4 Sep, 2019 14:28 | 3 mins read
An undated video clip has emerged online of a young boy aged about 3 or 4 revealing to his mother that the house-help sexually abused him. [PHOTO | COURTESY]
An undated video clip has emerged online of a young boy aged about 3 or 4 revealing to his mother that the house-help sexually abused him. [PHOTO | COURTESY]

An undated video clip has emerged online of a young boy aged about 3 or 4 revealing to his mother that the house-help sexually abused him.

The boy disclosed that when his mother was away at work, the middle-aged nanny told him to perform oral sex on her.

The kid can be heard in the video clip telling his mother that the house-help mistreated him by kicking him on the abdomen, claims the nanny vehemently refuted.

The boy’s mother then goes ahead to say that the alleged assault wasn’t the only wrongdoing by the nanny that the boy reported.

“When I returned home from work, the boy followed me to my bedroom… Being uncharacteristic of him, I knew there was something he wanted to tell me. Normally, when I get home from work, I usually initiate conversations with him about how his day was,” the boy’s mother, whose face is blurred in the video, is heard saying in Swahili.

“My son then told me: ‘Aunty aliniambia nilambe kitu yake, halafu nikalamba hivi… (The nanny told me to perform oral sex on her, and I heeded,” said the distraught mother.

The house-help was, thereafter, called to the living room and confronted with the allegations, which she, at first, denied.

The boy’s mother, however, asked the minor to repeat, in front of the accused, what he had told her (mother), a request the child heeded.

It was at that point that the nanny owned up to sexually abusing the minor.

“You hired me to work for you. I, however, acknowledge that I did something unlawful. I asked the boy to take off his clothes as I also removed mine. However, we did not engage in anything sexual in nature,” she said, adding: “Yes, I had asked him to perform oral sex on me, but he refused.”

“I wasn’t lying flat on the bed when I asked him to perform the sexual act, I was up on my feet,” she said.

The house-help, thereafter, asks her employer to forgive her, promising not to repeat the offence.

It remains unclear how the events unfolded, thereafter, given the video ended when the enraged mother was still talking.

The 2-minute video clip has elicited a barrage of feedback, with a bulk of the online users urging the boy’s mother to file a formal complaint with authorities so that the nanny can be arrested and charged for the crime.

Section 15 of Kenya’s Children Act stipulates a 1-year jail term or a fine of not more than Ksh50, 000 for any adult who is found guilty of sexually exploiting a child.

“A child shall be protected from sexual exploitation and use in prostitution, inducement or coercion to engage in any sexual activity, and exposure to obscene materials. [If one contravenes this law], such person shall be liable upon summary conviction to a term of imprisonment not exceeding twelve months, or to a fine not exceeding fifty thousand shillings or to both such imprisonment and fine,” says the Children’s Act.

Under the Sexual Offences Act, if charged and found guilty of defiling the boy, the nanny would stare at life in jail.

For one to be charged with defilement, the law, however, says there must be penetration of a child’s genital organs.

“Defilement of a child 11 years and below carries a sentence of life imprisonment,” says the law.

A 2018 report by the National Council for Children’s Services shows that at least 32 percent of females and 18 percent of males reported experiencing sexual violence during their childhood.

Over the last two decades, sexual exploitation of children has worsened due to many factors. These include rural-urban migration, the breakdown of social morals and norms, increased national and international travel and tourism, and to a large extent globalization, occasioned by the expansion of information and communication technologies and the internet.

Research has shown that sexual abuse and exploitation of children is the most traumatic form of abuse and maltreatment, with short and long term consequences on the child.

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