Bora wafike 22 – Mother of 10 in Kakamega under pressure to deliver 12 more kids for husband

By , K24 Digital
On Sun, 25 Jul, 2021 14:19 | < 1 min read
Gentrix Wekesa at her home in Kakamega. She says her husband wants her to give birth to 22 children.Photo/Screen Grab.

A woman in Kakamega is in distress after her husband's refusal to take up family planning has seen her give birth to 10 children.

Speaking to a local TV station, Gentrix Wekesa who is expecting her 11 child said her husbands goal is to have 22 children.

"I give birth to this children each year. As soon as my period starts, I get another child," Gentrix said, revealing that her youngest child is almost a year old.

Much as children are a blessing, Gentrix who is the sole breadwinner of the family says the burden of feeding her children, herself and her husband is taking a toll on her.

"My eldest child dropped out of school in class seven becuase we couldn't afford his education. The one who follows him also dropped out of school so I took him to work as a herds boy and from his salary, he helps me take care of his siblings," Gentrix said.

According to the mother of 10, her husband Anthony Wekesa has strongly cautioned her again'st using any form of contraceptives.

Wekesa argues that having a few children is a foreign concept which subjects one to ridicule and laughter in the village.

Gentrix said that she once sought the help of a nurse and got a contraceptive, something that made her husband violent.

"My husband wants 22 children when we went to the nursing home, he told the nurses to stay away from people's wives," Gentrix said.