Bongo star Harmonize predicts bright future for Embarambamba over his unique dancing style

By , K24 Digital
On Mon, 21 Jun, 2021 15:03 | < 1 min read
Harmonize predicts bright future for Embrambamba. PHOTO: Courtesy.

If you thought popular Kisii artist Christopher Nyangwara Mosioma popularly known as Embarambamba is just known in Kenya then you are dead wrong.

The sensational gospel singer seems to have made inroads in East African countries with his unique style of preaching the gospel.

Tanzania’s Bongo artist Rajab Abdul commonly known by his stage name as Harmonize has left some Kenyan shocked after he mentioned Embarambamba when answering a question about the uniqueness of African music.

Speaking during a press conference on Sunday at Kilimani based B-club, Harmonize said it is time for East African artists to focus more on pushing their identity than copying their South African and Nigerian counterparts.

“Something you need to understand is that music is about culture, they have their own culture and we have our own. We can't just stop singing our Bongo Fleva and start emulating their style of music when they can't try our music,” he said

According to him, artists from South Africa and Nigeria have invested so much in their identity and that is why their music has gained traction across the world.

It is while commenting on the matter that he weighed in on Embrambamba’s unique style of music saying the Kisii gospel singer might find himself on a global stage because of his uniqueness.

“We are supposed to keep pushing our identity. If you keep pushing music has a way of rewarding you, you can be shocked that Embarambamba at the end of the day becomes the one representing us on the international stage,” Harmonize said.

Embarambamba has generated a lot of buzz on social media with his unique dancing style of rolling in the mad, dangling on top of animals and running up down irregularly.