Bomet: 7 family members hospitalised over food poisoning

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On Mon, 10 Oct, 2022 20:13 | < 1 min read
Bomet: 7 family members hospitalised over food poisoning
Longisa Referral Hospital. PHOTO/Courtesy

Seven family members from Sagenya Village in Bomet County are receiving treatment at Longisa Referral Hospital after consuming suspected contaminated food.

The mother and her six children were rushed to hospital after consuming soar milk 'mursik' on Sunday night.

The victims are said to have started complaining of stomach pains after the meal.

They were rushed to the facility with the help of officers from Bomet County's disaster management department on Monday morning after their condition worsened.

Kyogong Location Chief Selina Kilel said she is yet to receive clear information from the hospital regarding the condition of the family.

The administrator, however, noted that the neighbour who gave the family the milk had not complained of any health complications despite consuming the same milk.

Food poisoning?

The chief suggested that the 'problem' could be on the other food the family ate that night.

"We are waiting for the information from the hospital on the exact cause of the problem because the affected family is claiming the problem started after they took the milk but the other family says they too took the same milk and they are in good health", the administrator said.

Kilel urged locals to only eat food that is well-cleaned and cooked.

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