Blow-by-blow account of how Ndichu brothers assaulted women at Nairobi hotel as explained by victims’ uncle

By , K24 Digital
On Wed, 20 Oct, 2021 20:24 | 2 mins read
A photo collage of Eddie Ndichu and screenshot of the alleged video where they are accused of assaulting women. PHOTOS/COURTESY

The ladies who were allegedly assaulted by Eddie Ndichu and his twin brother Paul Ndichu have finally come out to give their side of the story.

Through their uncle Philip Murgor, the two ladies Stephanie Murgor and Cheryl Murgor have recounted the ordeal they went through at the hands of the twin brothers.

According to a statement released by their uncle Philip Murgor, the ladies had gone to the hotel to attend a wedding after-party at Emara Lounge accompanied by their two male friends - Samuel Ramdas and Patrick Koech.

Later in the night as they were having a good time with their friends, Eddie reportedly made an improper pass at Stephanie. This prompted the 24-year-old lady to ask him if she was the husband to former Citizen TV anchor Janet Mbugua. The question was, however, answered by a lady who was in the company of the two brothers.

"One of the so-called "Ndichu Twin Brothers" dressed in dark clothing made an improper pass at Stephanie, to which she responded; "aren't you the husband of Janet Mbugua?" The lady who was with the twin brothers then shouted "Ex-husband" Philipa Murgor narrated.

Later after Stephanie left her table and headed to the exit, one of the twins assaulted by referring to her as a "bitch" before another twin jumped on her and started choking her in the throat.

The confrontation forced Stephanie's boyfriend to step in to help out. Soon after a little confrontation, the twin let go of the lady but continued to verbally assault her.

To escape the confrontation, Stephanie and his friend opted to leave the room and decided to leave the hotel. The twin brother and their lady friend followed them to the ground floor where they once again started to assault them.

"At the ground floor, Stephanie and Samuel went to bring the car around, while Cheryl and Patrick waited at the lobby. Suddenly the twin brothers with their lady friend appeared on the ground floor. One of the brothers together with the lady proceeded to attack Cheryl and Patrick, after which both brothers proceeded to the front entrance where Stephanie and Sammy were waiting in the car," the statement read.

During the confrontation, the two brothers went ahead to vandalize their victim's car as well as threatened to shoot them.

According to Murgor, it is the intervention of the police and the hotel's security personnel that saved his nieces and their friends otherwise the two brothers could have killed them or seriously injured them.

It is after the police came that the twin brothers offered to pay Stephanie and her friends ksh110,000 to cover for the damages they caused to their car. Sammy, Stephanie's boyfriend, accepted the payment but the brother later reversed the money they had paid through M-Pesa.

"Cheryl and Stephanie who were extremely shaken went and made a report at Akila Police Station, P3 Forms have since been issued for injuries which include, a bite on Cheryl and tenderness on the neck of Stephanie," Murgor added.

Following the incident, Murgor has noted that they urge the police and the investigative authorities to investigate the matters. He also said that they as a family will also investigate the issue to ensure justice is served for his nieces.