‘Hata huyu dem siku ingine akiniona akuje tena’ – Bien tells female fan chased by wife

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On Fri, 3 Feb, 2023 22:08 | 2 mins read
Bien's wife angrily chases away female reveller caught grinding on her husband
Chiki chased away woman who was grinding on her husband. PHOTOS/Screengrab.

Sauti Sol's lead singer Bien Aime Baraza has come out to clarify why his wife Chiki Kuruka Onwuke forced a female fan off the stage during his gig.

Speaking during an Interview with a local YouTuber, the 'Mbwe Mbwe' hitmaker defended Chiki saying she was his manager and for that reason she did what she had to prevent him from being 'distracted' and focus on whatever he was doing at the time.

"Kunisaidia? What was happening that I needed help? I didn't need help. I don't know how you guys are watching that video, first of all I just wanna start by saying that Chiki is my manager, she is my manager, she is the manager of my music affair, and for that reason, before I go on stage I need to be in a frame of mind that is unbothered, undeterred" he stated.

"Hafai kuwa na distractions hapo ivo karibu, I'm just supposed to go to deliver my message to watu vile inafaa," he added.

He also expressed that he was okay with the fan twerking on him.

"Let fans be fans, how fans behave, let fans be fans, I actually don't think if that chick came and twerked on me and Chiki was there and there was no other like no activity I was meant to be doing like going on stage, I don't think Chiki would have told her to leave," he said.

"Kwani it's the first time? I have ever been twerked on? I go to strip clubs with Chiki tunapewa lap dance sisi wawili na tunaenda home, we are cool like that," he added.

Further, he encouraged the female fan to look for him and twerk for him when he is not occupied.

"Hata huyu dame siku ingine akinione akuje tena, timing ikiwa poa, read the room," he added.

Chiki who joined Bien on stage as he performed is said to have caused drama when a female fan sneaked past security to dance with the singer on stage.

The reveller twerked for Bien but the singer wasn't interested in the erotic dance and even turned away at one point.

On noticing what was happening, Chiki quickly went to where her husband was and chased away the female fan from the stage.

Bien's wife was later seen ranting at security seemingly for failing to stop the woman from getting onto the stage.

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