‘Be like Pauline Njoroge,’- Ouma Oluga hits out at netizens criticizing medical interns

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On Wed, 22 May, 2024 14:41 | 2 mins read
Ouma Oluga. PHOTO/@HumanitiesUoN/X.
Ouma Oluga. PHOTO/@HumanitiesUoN/X.

Doctor Ouma Oluga has hit out at social media users who have been making fun of medical interns.

Oluga, who works in the Ministry of Health as Senior Deputy Director of Medical Services, warned bloggers against comparing medical interns to interns from other professions.

Through a post made via his official X account, Oluga claimed that most bloggers who have been attacking medical interns on various social media platforms are normally paid Ksh300.

Oluga to bloggers

He urged bloggers to raise their standards high like blogger Pauline Njoroge.

"I hope some of the bloggers who were abusing doctors have learnt from Pauline Njoroge that there are bloggers wa ‘maana’ na wale wa 300/- per day. Same way we must stop this irritating narrative of equating interns of various professions to medical interns. Not that any is superior," Oluga posted.

"Just that they are like day and night - wide difference. Kama wewe ni profession wa kufanya internship for free or for 15K a month, nyamasa kaa kando ujihurumie ama ujipiganie na uwachane ama uunge mkono medical interns who deserve way more than the CBA terms of 206K. Especially bloggers, please gerriiit."

Blogger Pauline Njoroge has been the talk of the internet for the better part of this week after she accompanied President William Ruto to the US on his state visit.

Pauline Njoroge has been a fierce critic of President Ruto and his administration.

Better terms

Oluga's rant comes barely weeks after Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Union (KMPDU) ended the doctors' strike that had lasted for over 60 days.

The doctors were protesting over the implementation of the 2017 CBA. They were also protesting the government's new salary remuneration for medical interns that had slashed their compensation from Ksh206,000 to Ksh47,000.

Oluga who previously served as KMPDU Secretary General and Director of Health in the now defunct Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) maintained that medical interns deserve way more than the CBA terms of Ksh206,000.

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