Awinja’s ‘Sio Lazima’ Valentine’s song surpasses 1M views on YouTube

By , K24 Digital
On Mon, 14 Feb, 2022 19:55 | < 1 min read
Screen grab of Awinja's new song 'Sio Lazima'

As the heart-eye inciting holiday comes to an end, the only question would be "Did you get your valentine?"

Well, it is a 'Yes or No' answer according to former Papa Shirandula actress Awinja's timely song which has now surpassed a million views on Youtube.

The song 'Sio Lazima' which is currently trending at number one was released on Wednesday, February 9.

Awinja while speaking to a local radio station slammed critics saying that while different people hold diverse opinions over her venture in music, her purpose in life is to have fun.

“Kelele ya chura haimzui ng’ombe kukunywa maji…nilisema as long as I’m having fun, iyo ingine hainihusu, lakini siezi wa-blame, sisi ni binadamu na kila mtu ana options zake especially when it comes to music,” she said.

Awinja further noted that she was looking forward to joining the music industry although the future still remains doom.

“Nikitoka naingia kwa politics ndio ni ya kushtua lakini hii muziki bado iko kwa entertainment industry…It’s just one of those things nilijiambia nitajaribu siku moja nione,” Awinja said.

“Sitaki kuzungumzia future, kitu najua ni leo, naeza wa-surprise, kesho sijui, sina habari na siwezi pangia,” she added.

Loosely translated as "(After retiring from music I might even join politics. I've always wanted to join music since I'm already in the entertainment industry. I don't want to talk about the future because it is still vague.)

She now joins the growing list of entertainers stretching their wings in the music scenes including; Diana B, Mammito, Prof Hamo and Cartoon comedian.