Awe as Thika matatu driver returns laptop, ksh20,000 that student forgot inside vehicle

By Nyaboga Kiage On Sun, 12 Sep, 2021 18:52 | 2 mins read
Basilio Kimani, the driver who returned the money and the laptop intact. PHOTO/COURTESY

Locals in Thika, Kiambu County were treated to a joyful drama after a mother and his son found ksh20,000 and a laptop that they had forgotten inside a matatu.

It all started on Sunday, September 5, when a Mount Kenya University (MKU) student identified as Ian Gitau boarded a matatu at Blue Post Hotel so that he could head to school.

He arrived at Thika town and jumped out of the matatu straight to the boot to check on his luggage.

In the process, Gitau forgot his laptop bag which also contained an envelope that had ksh20,000 which was meant for his school fees.

“I took a bodaboda and headed to school and when I arrived and had settled for some time, I realised I did not have my laptop bag,” Gitau said.

“I panicked because neither did I know the registration number of the matatu nor the driver,” he added.

It is at that point that the student decided to head to the terminus of the matatu he had boarded with the hope of getting his luggage back.

Efforts to get the laptop and the money proved futile and he reported the matter at Thika Police Station but officers informed him that they would not assist him if he did not know the registration number of the car.

Gitau spent his entire day moving from one station to the other hoping that he would get his laptop and the money in vain.

The following day, they went to KST Sacco offices in Thika and to his shock he found the laptop there.

“The matatu driver was later given a call and he confirmed that he had the money and in 20 minutes he met with me and handed me the cash. I did not believe my eyes,” Gitau said.

The driver identified as Basilio Kimani said that he had kept the money by himself and knew the owner of the laptop would have to ask for the cash.

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