Why Atheists Society wants police to release ‘Yesu wa Tongaren’ unconditionally

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On Mon, 15 May, 2023 17:10 | 2 mins read
Why Atheists Society wants police to release 'Yesu wa Tongaren' unconditionally
Yesu wa Tongaren (center) in police custody. PHOTO/Courtesy

The Atheists in Kenya Society is calling for the immediate release of self-proclaimed preacher Eliud Wekesa Simiyu, popularly known as Yesu wa Tongaren, who is being held by the police on allegations of running a cult in Western Kenya and purporting to be Jesus Christ.

The leader of New Jerusalem Church in Bungoma County was arrested on Thursday, May 11, 2023, after honouring police summons as part of a wider crackdown targeting rogue religious groups in the country.

But in a statement on Friday, the society's President Harrison Mumia, challenged the police to produce the real Jesus if their claim is that Simiyu is not the real Jesus Christ, son of God.

"We demand for the immediate release of Jesus of Tongeren. The police must produce the real Jesus if their claim is that this marl is not the real Jesus Christ, Son of Yahweh!" Mumia stated.

Mumia argued that the Jesus mentioned in the Bible is a fictional character and as far as the society is concerned Yesu wa Tongaren was not involved in cult activities in his teachings.

"Our position is that Biblical 'Jesus' is a fictional character, a construct created by the religions of Christendom. He never existed. Jesus of Tongeren exists. and as far as we are concerned, does not lead a cult," he added.

"The police are being overzealous by arresting Jesus of Tongeren."

A Bungoma court on Friday allowed police to detain Simiyu for four more days pending the conclusion of investigations by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI). He is being detained at Bungoma Police Station.

The police had requested for seven days to comb through Simiyu's home which the court heard is believed to be a crime scene, his church and also have the preacher mentally assessed.

The preacher is also accused of teaching radical ideologies to his followers, some of whom are minors, as well as practising and promoting money laundering.

The case will be mentioned on Wednesday, May 16, 2023.

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