Arudi kwa mama yake amalize kunywa maziwa – Kikuyu elder defends Speaker Muturi coronation

By , K24 Digital
On Sun, 23 May, 2021 14:13 | 2 mins read

Kikuyu Council of Elders patron Kung’u Muigai has castigated those opposed to the coronation of the National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi as the spokesperson of the Mt Kenya region.

Speaking on the last day of the coronation exercise, Kung'u said the elders are not associated with any political party and that the region's leader is President Uhuru Kenyatta until the end of his term.

"We came here to pray. We came to ask God for blessings. There are people who are saying we brought politics here, that we brought evil worship here ... and it is a small boy who now thinks he is powerful. He is now saying he will curse us. Who is he? He will be cursed for insulting the elders," Kung'u, who is also President Uhuru's cousin, said.

Kung'u, however, thanked Murang'a Woman Representative Sabina Chege for welcoming them to the county.

"Mukurwe wa Nyagathanga shrine does not belong to the national government neither does it belong to the county government. It is a national heritage site. It is under the museum. We have a kiama kiama understanding with the museum and we are the custodians of this Mukurwe," he said.

Kung'u said they had to use Ksh500, 000 to renovate the site before they used it in coronating Muturi.

"Hatutaki upuzi tukiwa wazee. Kama mtu ukubwa wake umemuingia kwa kichwa arudi kwa mama yake amalize kunywa maziwa. Nasikia anakunywanga maziwa which loosely translates to ('as elders, we don't want arrogance. If power has entered someone's head, he should go back to his mother to drink milk. I hear he drinks milk'), " he said.

Speaking shortly after his coronation on Saturday, Muturi said he would ensure all the people from the region unite for a common purpose.

Muturi said it was such an honour for him to be accorded the role and promised that he will undertake his mandate diligently.

"I will stand and be the voice of the people from this region and find ways of bridging the rifts which have been there," he said.

He added: "This is one big community and there should be no divisions amongst us."

Muturi also sought to clarify that his new role as the spokesman does not in any way contradict the position of President Uhuru, who is the region's kingpin.

"There is no bad blood between the President and me. We have always worked together and we shall continue doing the same," he said.