Anti-Wahome faction pounces on her supporters in Kenol town

By , K24 Digital
On Mon, 6 Jan, 2020 15:46 | 2 mins read
Alice Wahome supporters
An anti-Alice Wahome group on Monday, January 6, 2020 disrupted a press conference held by her supporters in a hotel in Kenol town. PHOTO | WANGARI NJUGUNA | PD

Two rival factions on Monday clashed at Kenol town over a press conference organised by supporters of Kandara MP Alice Wahome.

Trouble ensued when an anti-Wahome faction stormed the hotel where the MP’s supporters were live on a vernacular television station.

Those opposed to the MP said they would not allow person or leader to disrespect President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The anti-Wahome faction claimed that the Wahome’s objective is to discourage President Kenyatta from Mt Kenya region in January to launch development projects.

“Let them go to Malindi where the MP chose to issue the disparaging remarks against our President,” the faction led by former councillor Alex Mbote said while rowdy youth disrupted the press conference. “They want to perpetrate a narrative that our President is not working, they want to bring politics and stop him from launching the works.”

The group also accused the MP of making the anti-Uhuru comments in bid to divert attention from her poor record in the National Assembly.

“Instead of leaders complimenting the Head of State for his Big Four agenda, they have joined hands with anti-Uhuru leaders to paint a picture of a lazy President,” Joshua Githinji said.

But the MP’s supporters praised her, saying she is a brave and courageous leader.

They claimed the MP and her colleagues were in a mission to ensure that the Presidential visits slated this month aborts for them to get a leeway to continue their lies that the President was not working.

“We respect the President and the MP too. We voted for them and we want them to work together. The MP only shared our thoughts and feelings to the President and this should not be a cause for alarm,” the pro-Whaome group led by Robinson Thuo had told journalists before their media briefing was disrupted. Wahome has been under fire for claiming that Mr Kenyatta’s regime has limited democratic space and over suggestions made by his allies that he should be given the prime minister’s post when BBI report is adopted.