Alinikatia nikakubali- Hon Cate Waruguru denies being husband snatcher

By Bosco Marita On Mon, 31 May, 2021 14:30 | 2 mins read
Laikipia Woman Rep Cate Waruguru with businessman Peter Waweru

Laikipia Woman Representative Cate Waruguru has dismissed claims indicating that she snatched someone’s husband.

This comes after a woman identified as Zipporah Njoki accused the Woman Rep of eloping with her husband identified as Peter Waweru.

But according to Waruguru, she was approached by Waweru for a love affair and she welcomed the advances.

“I am not husband snatcher. Mimi Hukatiwa sikatiwangi (I am chased, I don’t chase). So please ask your men why they chase after me,” she said in an interview with Tuko.

The controversial MP adds that Waweru is her long-time friend and that they know each other since childhood.

In an indirect dig at Njoki, who accused her of snatching her hubby, Waruguru told her off saying she should re-examine herself better before making such claims.

“The truth of the matter is Peter Waweru is not new to me. He is my childhood friend. Alinikatia na nikakubali. He is my man. Mali safi,” Waruguru said.

“These women who are complaining should do their homework well on their men and check around if there are areas of improvement that probably they need to work on if they need to keep them,” she added.

Reports of the two having an affair emerged in December last year when Njoki was allegedly locked out of Waweru’s graduation.

The matter rested for a while before it resurfaced in May when alleged photos of Waiguru emerged on social media at a house in Mombasa with reports claiming she had gone to kick out Njoki from her house.

However, the MP also dismissed the reports saying she was not the one at the Mombasa house and promised to take action against those fueling the rumours.

Waweru, days ago, also rubbished claims accusing Waruguru of attacking Njoki.

Waweru faulted a female politician from the Mt Kenya region for the drama.

He said the female politician tried to force a love affair with him but, he said, he denied the advances and told her he is married to Waruguru.

Waweru also said he divorced Njoki adding that she is his ex-wife.

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