Alice Wahome: Hitman texted me on assassination plot

By Joel Muinde On Sun, 23 Feb, 2020 23:05 | < 1 min read
Alice Wahome
Kandara MP Alice Wahome when she appeared on Punchline on Sunday, February 23, 2020. PHOTO | K24 DIGITAL

Fiery Kandara MP Alice Wahome for the first time has revealed that a hitman contacted her warning that he had instructions to kill her.

The MP, whose bodyguards were withdrawn on February 3, says she believes that her life is still in danger.

In earlier reports, she said that the Interior ministry started withdrawing her security in September 2019 when they recalled officers guarding her home.

Ms. Wahome has been vehemently opposed to the Building Bridges Initiative and is a key ally of Deputy President William Ruto.

Speaking on Punchline on Sunday, Ms. Wahome said that she believes police are being used to finish her.

Watch the video below.

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