Agony as 25-year-old Embu MC is murdered

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On Sun, 17 Oct, 2021 16:23 | 2 mins read
Embu MC known as Newton Mugenda alias Newto.

A family in Embu town is in agony and disbelief and now calling on the government to investigate the mysterious death of their kin.

The deceased who is well known in Embu town for his mastery of language in colouring events as Master of Ceremony (MC) was found lying unconscious within streets of Dallas estate.

The man identified as Newton Mugenda,25, was reportedly hit with a blunt object on the head.

His wife Sakinah Wanjiku recounts the fateful day where the two had spent their whole day indoors before Mugenda left in the evening to see a friend who had been constantly calling him during the day.

“In the evening he told me he was going to see Mr Muturi who he was ignoring his calls. I asked him about it but he only said the two had differences but did not give me further details,” Wanjiku stated.

“Bizarrely he returned back my ID card that he had kept for a long time, and told me to take good care of our unborn child,” she added.

Mugenda communicated with his wife up until around 10 pm before his phone went off at 11 pm.

Wanjiku decided to sleep hoping that her husband would return home safe and alive.

To her shock, Wanjiku who is expected to deliver in two weeks time says she woke up only to find her husband had not returned home and soon after she received the bad news that he had been spotted lying unconscious in the neighbourhood.

“His heart was still beating slowly, his head had been stitched, the intravenous fluid bottle had also been installed on his hand an indication he had been taken to hospital,” his mother Janet Karimi noted.

The family questioned the circumstances under which he was taken to hospital before being dropped on the veranda.

The MC who was famously known as Newto would later be taken to Karira mission hospital where he was put at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) but later succumbed to injuries inflicted on his head.

The area youth leader stated that Mugenda will not be buried until the police get hold of the perpetrators of the heinous act.

“We will defer his burial slated for Tuesday next week for as long as it will take until we know who killed him and the motive behind,” youth leader Dennis Macharia noted.

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