Activist Boniface Mwangi claims his house has been vandalized by Governor Mutua

By , K24 Digital
On Thu, 21 Oct, 2021 06:34 | < 1 min read
Activist Boniface Mwangi in a past protest. PHOTO/COURTESY

The home of activist Boniface Mwangi was this morning bombed and vandalised by unknown people in Machakos County.

According to the outspoken activist, the bombing in his house was orchestrated by Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua but maintained his actions won’t silence him from speaking out.

“I’m a resident of Machakos County. An hour ago, Alfred Mutua thugs have bombed my house under construction, sank the foundation and robbed my workers. I can’t go there now for safety reasons. I know it's Mutua because he is a molester and an abusive man. He won’t silence me,” Mwangi said.

Mwangi however questioned the motive behind the heinous act, adding he has never compromised his values by being a criminal or engage in deals.

“I’m not a criminal. I don’t do deals. I have never comprised my values. The state has blown up the house my family was building. The bullets, the explosives they used, are on the scene. So what kind of country are we living in? Mwangi posed

He further urged the relevant authorities to speed up investigations and bring to book the culprits, which according to Mwangi if not arrested the perpetrators will survive to hunt him and hurt others.

“I'm hurting, but my spirit isn't broken. Even this will pass. In a few hours, the day will break, and it will be the work of IG NPS, Interior KE, ODPP_KE and DCI Kenya to open investigations. If the government doesn’t go after the culprits, they shall survive to hunt me and hurt others,” Mwangi said.