‘99% of churches are doing well’ – Kindiki

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On Sun, 28 May, 2023 14:43 | 2 mins read
Kithure Kindiki speaks of churches.

The Cabinet Secretary of Interior and Administration of National Government Kithure Kindiki says that 99 per cent of churches are adherent to regulations.

According to Kindiki, the government has issues with 0.01 per cent of churches in the country, which are allegedly misleading people.

"Kama serikali, tunaheshimu kanisa sana. Serikali itaendelea kuheshimu kanisa. 99 per cent of our churches are doing a great job to assist the government in having an orderly and developed nation," Kindiki said.

"We only have a problem with a small fraction, actually 0.01 per cent of religious leaders, masquerading as men of God, who are misusing the scriptures to mislead our people through radicalisation and indoctrination."

Kindiki says that dealing with the few errant churches and preachers does not amount to curtailing of the freedom of worship enshrined in the constitution.

"To those claiming that the government is violating the constitutional right and freedom of worship, show me which part of the constitution or the Bible allows these rogue preachers to kill or steal from our people through warped doctrines and indoctrination," he said.

He has asked the church to partner with the government to help eradicate rogue preachers in the countries.

"I am asking the church to partner with the Government by exposing the rogue preachers who are hiding behind the Holy scriptures to cause untold suffering to our people. While we have arrested Mackenzie, there are many crooks, criminals, and thieves that are at large and must be flushed out at all costs," he said.

This comes moments after Pastor Ezekiel Odero of the New Life Prayer Centre and Church has threatened to move to court after discovering that his church file was missing from the Office of the Registrar of Societies.

Through his lawyers Cliff Ombeta and Danstan Omari, the man of cloth claims that the move comes as a well-plotted scheme by the government to frustrate his efforts and deregister his church.

Ezekiel says that he had reported to the registrar of societies to file returns but was informed that his file was nowhere to be seen.

“The registrar of societies has come up and wants to deregister the church. One of the conditions that they gave us is that we must be able to file returns," Ombeta stated.

The firebrand lawyer pointed out that Ezekiel's woes continued to escalate after he was released from custody and his bank accounts were unfrozen and the church re-opened. He says that the Registrar of Societies has continuously threatened to close Ezekiel's church.

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