74-year-old Murang’a man who made his grave now buys coffin

By K24Tv Team On Wed, 30 Jun, 2021 22:05 | 2 mins read
Man who made his grave now buys himself a coffin. PHOTO: K24 Digital.

Wangari Njuguna and Alfred Maina

A 74-years-old man from Maragua, Murang’a County, who came to the limelight after preparing his grave has now bought a coffin which shall be used to bury him.

Samuel Karanja popularly known as kumenya visited one of the coffin makers in Murang’a town and had his casket made to his specifications.

The casket has its name on it and unique grey colour which is not common in the coffin market.

Karanja said once completed, he will take the casket home and place it in the grave, he prepared to wait for the day he will die.

He said he would get the coffin, have it closed and be ferried to his home as he visualizes how his final journey will be.

“I would like to lay down in the casket and be taken home just like it will be done when I die,” he said.

Karanja prepared his final resting place in January this year and also has his eulogy written down which shall be read during his funeral.

He said people shall be given copies to go and read at their homes.

“I have written my life history because no one knows me better than I do,” he said.

Karanja has given instructions on how he would like to be laid in his grave indicating that he would not like to be buried under the soil.

His grave is a small house that stands near his house and has flowers planted around it. He said it cost him nearly Sh100, 000.

According to him, this is not an extraordinary thing as everybody is bound to die and thus it’s good to prepare for it.

He said back in 1997 when his father died, it rained heavily during the burial date and he was left to fill the grave with the soil after people ran to seek shelter.

“This is the day I decided will make my own grave so that people will not be troubled when I die,” he said.

This came as a shock to his family and the villagers who say they do not understand why the man has made this move.

According to Karanja’s wife Jane Wanjira, the man built a small house but did not reveal his intentions.

She said the man who is a retired teacher has become quite secretive and doing odd things which don’t understand saying he could be having a mental problem.

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